Wednesday, September 21, 2011

" PinWheels for Peace " - Weekly Challenge #40


Peace is a challenge.

Peace is the theme for this week's challenge from the Diva.  She says:  "Following closely on last week's Love challenge, this week's challenge was suggested by Amy Broady, a CZT in TN (hi!!) - who reminded me that September 21 is the  International Day of Peace .  

"Pinwheels for Peace originally started as an art installation organized by two high school teachers in Florida.  They used the project as a way to teach kids how to express their feelings about the world and what's going on in it.  Since then, it's grown from 500,000 pinwheels the first year to 3.5 million last year!!

"So, this week's challenge is to create your own pinwheel for peace."

ZIA - 4" square Bristol, Sakura Micron #'s 01, 005; graphite for shading

I anticipated that trying to transfer the image of a 3-dimensional pinwheel onto a flat surface of Bristol Vellum would be a no-can-do challenge for me.  [Drawing an outline is easy, but how do I make it look like a spinning object?] So, when I sat down to address my dilemma, I expected to meet-up with the ol' creative block.  But it never happened!  I started to pen the strokes, and before I realized it, the tile was finished!  Surprise, surprise!  (Sorta like when you're driving down the highway...... silently......peacefully..... alone... ..   Then you emerge from your trance and wonder to yourself, "Oh - where the heck am I supposed to be going?") 

 It just happened.  

Now, wouldn't it be nice if the world could acquire peace like that?  Wake-up tomorrow to a peaceful world..... and all because ...... 'it just happened'.

Whirled peace!

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..... and happy tangling.
(I think I feel like a "hippie" again.  Anybody got a smoke???)  

Friday, September 16, 2011

" All You Need is Love " - Weekly Challenge #39

I love the name of this week's challenge from the Diva.  In her 'challenge' post, the Diva so eloquently memorialized the 10th anniversary of  the 9/11 tragedy in the United States.  Thank you, Laura, for your beautiful words of love.  You can read Laura's full post here.  

ZIA - 5" x 7" Bristol; Sakura Micron #'s 01, 005; graphite shading; chalk pastels.

In my ZIA, the sphere surrounded by blue represents the world.  The peace sign carries Flux and Ennies (tangelation).   And the fractured heart is detailed with Mooka and Fern.  The living patterns (the fauna) represent us... people... humans.  The two groups are opposing, with some of them reaching out to each other.

And in the shadows, God is watching.
All we need is love.

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... and happy tangling!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

" Better than a Pair of Ducks" - Weekly Challenge #38

The Diva's Weekly Challenge has been posted..... and we have been invited to create a monotangle using the mysteriously charming "Paradox".  According to, one definition of a paradox is:  a person or thing exhibiting apparently contradictory characteristics. In this case, straight lines = a curvaceous design.  (For a wonderful "in-depth" tutorial of Paradox, click here)  

Before the challenge was announced, I had already decided that my string (for this week's challenge) would be symbolic of a star.  We have 50 of them proudly displayed on Old Glory.  This week, I'm feeling a bit more patriotic than usual - as the 10th anniversary of America's 9/11 tragedy is commemorated.

ZIA 4.5" Bristol; Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 005; graphite shading

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... and happy tangling!