Wednesday, October 31, 2012

" Bunzo " - Weekly Challenge #93

Zentangle® Central has announced a new fun tangle - "Bunzo" ... and Diva Laura has challenged us to use it in this week's Zentangle or ZIA.  This pattern is so fun!

Although this has been an unusually busy week, I did steal some time to give this new pattern a try.  Being intrigued by the snail-like Bunzo design that Maria created on her tile, I made an attempt to draw a Bunzo variation in a spiral string.  Sheez... it was not easy!!! (for me).  As soon as I understand how to move the Bunzo lines around so that their relationship (to one another) gives the illusion of movement, I will feel more confident.  Drawing this tangle is like dancing... and tapping your toe to the beat of the music.  Cha-cha-cha!

ZIA Bookmark - Bristol 1.5"x6", Sakura Micron Black 01 & 05; graphite shading
Thanks Laura and Maria. 

Happy tangling...
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

" Stripes " String Theory - Challenge #92

This is a repeat of a challenge we did in May 2011 - and Diva Laura says, "...the challenge is to create a tile or Zentangle® inspired art using Stripes as your string."  The "Stripes" theme has no particular significance - just a fun way to try to squish different tangle designs into a long, narrow string.  Now, there's the fun!! 

I had all good intentions of penning something..... unusual...... with this challenge.  But, alas, a ho-hum ZIA was birthed.  And, as the Zentangle® folks say, 'it is the process that is important'.  This was definitely a good theme for 'process'.

The piece perked-up a bit after adding color.  (Sorta like a push-up bra perks-up a drab, low cut, ho-hum dress!)

ZIA - Bristol 5"x5" - Sakura Micron Black #01; graphite shading; chalk pastels
Happy tangling....
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

" Beads of Courage " - Challenge #91

This is a lovely challenge!  Diva Laura has challenge instructions, photos and a short story about the Beads of Courage on her website.  Beads of Courage Program website is

Several years ago, the polymer clay guild I belonged to created beads for this program.  It was one of the most rewarding polymer clay projects I have participated in.  (The other polymer clay program that has captured my muse is Bottles of Hope.)  I must admit that my polymer clay has collected lots of dust on the shelf since I found Zentangle®.

ZIA - 6"x6" Bristol - Sakura Micron Black #01; PrismaColor Pencils; graphite shading

Mooka and Dust Bunnies support most of the various tangled beads.

Happy tangling...
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Friday, October 12, 2012

" String Theory v.8 " - Challenge # 90

Using a string to guide in the placement of tangles (within a Zentangle®) is one of the most unique and clever aspects of the Zentangle® Method of Art.  Dots, lines, string, breathe, focus, pen line, repeat pen line...... and so on.  Diva Laura explains this week's challenge and offers her beautiful Zentangle®  as an example of String Theory v.8.

There is truly no BPS (blank page syndrome) when your string is already created on a pre-strung tile - or when someone else has accomplished the task of string-drawing for you!  Really did love the theme of this Challenge.  Totally zenned-out.

ZIA - Bristol 6"x6" - Sakure Micron Black #01; graphite shading; Prismacolor Pencils
.....and here is the string, which I rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise before adding tangles.
This string pattern and other strings and tangles are found on Linda Farmer's fabulous Tangle Patterns site
Hope you'll visit.

Happy Tangling....
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

" Sankegg " - UMT - Weekly Challenge #89

This week's Challenge is a UMT created by Maria Vennekens, CZT, from the Netherlands.  The Diva's challenge and Maria's breakout instructions of Sankegg are here.

This was the most difficult/challenging tangle for me to draw (of all the Diva's 89 weekly challenges).  I am still struggling with the concept of drawing Sankegg.  Drawing a single row of the tangle was as far as I could go before my work turned into..... alien pen lines!  And today is Saturday... so my options were:  either post it now or forfeit!  So, here it is. 

I don't usually give a title to my Weekly Challenges, but after I finished the tangle and did the shading, I held it at arms length for a final review and appreciation.   That is when I started to laugh so hard that I cried.... and decided to name this piece of art "Gabrielle" ***

My final ZIA design was truly a surprise.  I don't know WHAT I was thinking!!

ZIA - "Gabrielle" - Bristol 6" square;  Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 08; graphite shading
Thank you Maria and Laura.

Happy tangling...
... and thank you for visiting.

 ***Italian anatomist Gabriello Fallopio, 1523-1562, noted for his studies of the human reproductive system. The Fallopian tubes are named for him.