Thursday, March 24, 2011

"I Walk the Line" ~ Weekly Challenge #14

Now THIS was a real challenge!  (.... wait.... I think I said that about Challenge #13....).  This time, the Diva's Weekly Challenge is to 'create a tile or Zentangle® inspired piece using ONLY STRAIGHT LINES'.

Straight lines (more or less straight...) are relatively easy, once you convince yourself that it is just about impossible for anyone to free-hand-draw a perfect straight line.  I call them "straight-line-inspired" straight lines.

And I went into this challenge feeling pretty confident that it would be a breeze to create tangles using only straight lines.  No challenge here.  Piece of cake.  Child's play.  The Diva is really getting soft.  I'll be done in no time.  Ho-hum.  *Yawn*.


The surprise was on me!  My pen was poised and ready to slide into a curved stroke every time it touched the tile.  I could feel the black felt tip (of the pen) as it kicked its feet and waved its little arms, just begging for me to glide it into a pattern of gentle, curvaceous strokes.

But, alas, straight lines were penned and Weekly Challenge #14 was just a happy memory.

"I Walk the Line" - Weekly Challenge #14 - Zentangle

Thanks, Laura, for another fun challenge.

Tangle away,