Wednesday, May 23, 2012

" Pea-Nuckle " - Challenge #71

This week's Zentangle challenge from the Diva is to use Molly Hollibaugh's new tangle, Pea-Nuckle, in a ZIA or Zentangle tile.

At first, as is my experience with many new tangle patterns, it was difficult to understand the flow of this tangle.  So I avoided it.  But my right brain finally conceded to the fact that ANY pattern is more easily accomplished as the strokes are repeated.  Repetition.  Repetition.  Repetition.

And I got so tangled-up in this concept of repetition, that some of my stroke directions went north instead of south!  I almost threw the tile into the circular file, but decided to just accept what was appearing before me and finish it ! 

Feeling of accomplishment.  Grateful for inviting patience.  Persistant.  Zentangle.

Traditional Zentangle - Sakura Micron Black #01 & Sepia #01; graphite shading

Thanks for the challenge, Laura. 

Happy tangling...
...and thanks for visiting.

PS:  Happy Birthday David and Tehya!!  Love you lots and lots.....