Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a String Thing #21

Adele Bruno has a great blog about art and Zentangle®.  She has been posting 'string' challenges for a few months, and they are certainly an interesting addition to the many Zentangle-related games/challenges/swaps & inspirations that have been keeping "us tanglers" motivated!  (although we don't usually need a whole lot of convincing to sit-and-tangle-awhile, if you now what I mean!)

For this challenge, String # 21 is to be used with the following tangles: Struzzle, Sugarcane, Summer Sitter, Sundoo & Sunflower. (Strings and tangles are found on Linda Farmer's wonderful "Tangle Patterns" site).
This is my first attempt at It's a String Thing challenge, and, man-o-man, it was fun!  My tile (below) is rotated 180° vs. the string sample (above)(I think that's  
Traditional Zentangle Tile 3.5" sq.

Hope you will check out  Adele's site for more information about It's a String Thing. 
Happy tangling.....
.....and thank you for visiting!