Saturday, October 6, 2012

" Sankegg " - UMT - Weekly Challenge #89

This week's Challenge is a UMT created by Maria Vennekens, CZT, from the Netherlands.  The Diva's challenge and Maria's breakout instructions of Sankegg are here.

This was the most difficult/challenging tangle for me to draw (of all the Diva's 89 weekly challenges).  I am still struggling with the concept of drawing Sankegg.  Drawing a single row of the tangle was as far as I could go before my work turned into..... alien pen lines!  And today is Saturday... so my options were:  either post it now or forfeit!  So, here it is. 

I don't usually give a title to my Weekly Challenges, but after I finished the tangle and did the shading, I held it at arms length for a final review and appreciation.   That is when I started to laugh so hard that I cried.... and decided to name this piece of art "Gabrielle" ***

My final ZIA design was truly a surprise.  I don't know WHAT I was thinking!!

ZIA - "Gabrielle" - Bristol 6" square;  Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 08; graphite shading
Thank you Maria and Laura.

Happy tangling...
... and thank you for visiting.

 ***Italian anatomist Gabriello Fallopio, 1523-1562, noted for his studies of the human reproductive system. The Fallopian tubes are named for him.