Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Challenge #11 - "Mono-tangle"

Last week's Weekly Challenge from Laura Harms aka I am the Diva was... "Mono-tangle".  The idea was to create a tile or Zentangle inspired art (ZIA) using only ONE tangle!  For me, this was a 'Study in Cadent'... because, although Cadent is one of my favorite tangles, it often eluded me.  Each time I tried to draw Cadent, I carefully watched as the pen made each stroke on the tile, but I felt like I was not in charge of the direction in which Cadent was headed!!!  A symmetrical straight-grid pattern was easy enough to accomplish, but I wanted more than just a straight grid.  This pattern needed movement, curves, and flair!

Great challenge.  Thank you, Laura! 
"Monotangle" - the Diva's Weekly Challenge #11 - (Cadent 6"x6" ZIA)
Although I missed the deadline to submit this ZIA into the official challenge pool, I decided to post it here.  

Last year, I attempted to author this blog, but inexperience and very little technical knowledge was daunting, & the task was overwhelming, so I gave up.  This time it's a "challenge" - and I  hope to  will learn how to post photos, maybe some videos and lots of Zentangle news....and to submit my future Weekly Challenges before the deadline passes!  It is possible... one post at a time.

Happy tangling,

Friday was "Fun Day" for these Zentangle beginners...

Today, this blog is being "reinvented" - as it has been static for months!  And I'm laughing as I post this... thinking about the wonderful group of  ladies in my Introduction to Zentangle Class on Friday at Blaine's Sewing Center.  We all had such a fun time:  creating, focusing, breathing and laughing.  A few of the 'girls' had done a bit of "zentangle inspired tangling" before taking the class... and a few had not.  Here is a look at their very first official "Zentangle" tiles...

Original Zentangle art by: Barbara P., Carol N., Catrina H., Cheryl N., Cynthia T., Jody B., Josie T., Marie G., Patricia C., Patricia D. 

Thank you, ladies, for such a fun experience!  And aside from the fun and laughter, I truly hope all found a bit of soft, gentle quietness within yourselves.  The pen touches the paper, and the mind embraces the zen.

Happy tangling,