Tuesday, May 7, 2013

" Schway " - Challenge #117

Last week, Zentangle® Central released a new official tangle called "Schway".  See it here on the Zentangle Newsletter.
When I viewed this new tangle pattern in the Newsletter, I was immediately disinterested because the resulting design did not appeal to me.  I had no desire to study the 'step-out' and felt that it would never have a place in my Zentangle practice.  It just didn't taste good.
Then came Monday, and the Diva had spoken!!  This week's challenge is to use "Schway" in a Zentangle or ZIA.  Oy vey.
So, back to the Zentangle Newsletter to study the Schway step-out.  I practiced it a few times.  Still did not appeal to me.  Not my style.   
Now it was time to draw my string on a tile.  I tangled other patterns and played, joyfully, with Mooka and my other tangle-friends.  Oh, yes, I was avoiding the inevitable.
Then along came Schway.  After the top area of the design was all Schwayed,  I started adding a few more strokes.... one at a time....here and there.... until:  OMG, it doesn't look like Schway anymore!!!  Cool.
All I am saying is  Give "Schway" a chance.*

Traditional Zentangle - Sakura Micron Black #01/.25mm; graphite shading

* Thank you, John Lennon. 
Happy tangling....
and thank you for visiting!