Tuesday, October 23, 2012

" Stripes " String Theory - Challenge #92

This is a repeat of a challenge we did in May 2011 - and Diva Laura says, "...the challenge is to create a tile or Zentangle® inspired art using Stripes as your string."  The "Stripes" theme has no particular significance - just a fun way to try to squish different tangle designs into a long, narrow string.  Now, there's the fun!! 

I had all good intentions of penning something..... unusual...... with this challenge.  But, alas, a ho-hum ZIA was birthed.  And, as the Zentangle® folks say, 'it is the process that is important'.  This was definitely a good theme for 'process'.

The piece perked-up a bit after adding color.  (Sorta like a push-up bra perks-up a drab, low cut, ho-hum dress!)

ZIA - Bristol 5"x5" - Sakura Micron Black #01; graphite shading; chalk pastels
Happy tangling....
... and thank you for visiting.