Tuesday, December 6, 2011

" Fife " - Weekly Challenge #51

Recently, Molly Hollibaugh (Zentangle Product Manager) created and published a new tangle - "Fife".  And The Diva has challenged us to use this tangle in a Zentangle or ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  This tangle is very similar to a tangle called Versa which was created by Laura Harms a few months ago.  And as tangles go, there may soon be numerous lovely tangelations created from this inspiration.

ZIA -  5" x 5" Bristol; Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 005; graphite shading.

Tangles:  Fife and Mssst.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

" Biggify " - Weekly Challenge #50

Here's a new twist on tangling.  Biggify.  The Diva says:  "This week's challenge is to push your comfort zone and biggify your tangles.  Don't biggify your canvas, try sticking to the size you generally work on to get the full effect.  (Zentangling on a large surface is a whole other ball of wax - fun though) so if you work on tiles, biggify on a tile.  If you work in your journal, biggify in your journal.  You get it.  Have fun!  Try it a few times and see where your comfort zone lies.  Put your toe over that line and test the waters."

Hmmmmmm. Pushing the old comfort zone again.  (Well, isn't that what a 'challenge' is all about?)  I thought I would have difficulty drawing "larger than normal" tangles, but once I drew the string, I was on a roll.  This was a fun challenge.  Thanks, Laura.

Traditional Zentangle on 3.5" sq. tile - Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 03, 05, 08; graphite shading.

Tangles: Cubine, Hibred, Rain & Snail.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

" Red Thread " - Weekly Challenge #49

 "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break." - Chinese proverb

And so begins the Diva's weekly challenge by guest challenger Cris Letournea, CZT.  Cris says:  "...your challenge this week is to create a traditional black and white tangle tile with a single red "thread" running through it."   The idea for this challenge comes from the work that is done by the humanitarian group called The Red Thread Promise.

As I remembered my 5th grade teacher's mantra:  "Pay attention!!!",  I realized that I was not paying attention to the instructions when I began my tile.  (But that's just the point:  I didn't use a tile!  I used a 4" x 6" bristol paper.  The challenge specifically said "tile".)    *big sigh*

But my heart was in the right place...... even if this ZIA took the wrong path.  My idea was to show how the red thread wraps itself around fragments of an idea, then joins the fragments together in a cohesive composition.  Sorta like trying to tell a story without using words.  (Okay, okay.  I'll keep practicing!!)

ZIA - Bristol; Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 005 & Red #03; graphite shading.

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PS:  Happy Birthday Frankie!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

" Tri - Shapes " - Weekly Challenge #48

Our guest Challenger this week is 'the lovely and talented' Sue Clark, who says:  "Three basic shapes (circle, square, and triangle) when combined, can be used to create a string.  Just like the infinite possibilities of putting tangle patterns together, using these 3 shapes together and altering their size and placement on the tile would create infinite possibilities for a string idea.  I thought it would be fun to also 'tri' all new tangles (ones you have never tried before)."

Good one, Sue!!  And here is my attempt at this challenge.....

ZIA - Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 02, 08; graphite shading.

Tangles:  Fish, Flux, Kandysnake, Sea Shell and.... the tangle around the triangle (which I created but have not given it a name yet).

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

" Lest We Forget " - Weekly Challenge #47

This week, I'm submitting my tile to this challenge..... late!  For the challenge, The Diva says:  "When you create your tile or ZIA, the challenge is to remember - what this means to you.  Remember your fallen loved ones, your long lost friend from childhood, remember when your 3 year old was once a tiny bundle in your arms, remember the feel of your aging grandmother's hand... remember laughter and tears, friends and family, fallen heroes or quiet bravery." 

Most of the wonderfully creative ZIA's and Zentangles that have been posted/submitted relate to the poem, 'In Flanders Field', where the poppies grow.  In my work, I have deviated a bit from the symbolic poppy, although the message is the same.

A few weeks ago, feeling drenched with inner spirit, I was overwhelmed by the presence of angels and spirit guides in my life.  Don't know what the heck was going on, but when my Zentangle spirit sat me down, all I could think about was angels.  So, today, on what would have been my Grandmother's 105th birthday, I remember... and submit this tile for the challenge... "Lest We Forget".

*** Traditional Zentangle 3.5" tile; Sakura Micron Black #01; graphite shading
*** Tangle inspiration is from "Totally Tangled" by Sandy Bartholomew.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tangled Leaf

At my CZT Seminar #3 in May, 2010, each student was gifted** with a beautiful green Hawaiian leaf from two of our classmates.  Sounds like an unusual gift, but it was quite a unique idea - as this large, thick leaf from the Hawaiian   Autograph Tree  (Clusia rosea) is used to hold messages, notes and graffiti.  Of course, our Hawaiian friends/CZT's  tangle  on the leaves.... as they taught us to do at Seminar.  In time, the leaves turn a lovely brown color. 

This week, we are in Naples, Florida, enjoying a warm and relaxing vacation on the ocean.  While checking out the lovely flowering plant life, nature, scurrying geckos and shells in the sand, I was reminded of the Autograph Leaf and how lovely it looked after it was tangled.  One of the shrubs lining the perimeter of the pool area had a very familiar presence(Hmmm.  I wonder if these leaves are 'tangle-worthy'.)   So I scooped up a few of the leaves that had fallen on the ground... found an ink-less ballpoint pen... and tangled away!  It took a bit of practice to gauge pen pressure and leaf sturdiness, but I love the result.  Fun, too.

Betweed was drawn on the back side of the leaf... (experimenting)... and result was not quite satisfactory.  All other tangles were drawn on the front side of the leaf, resulting in crisper looking strokes.

First attempt at a monogram.  Drawn on front side of leaf... crisp strokes.
I don't know the name of this leaf/plant.  (The above leaves are about 5" diameter.)  My Google search was not successful... and the "locals" that I asked were not able to identify the leaf/plant. Do you happen to know the name of this leaf/plant?
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PS:  Congratulations to Laura Harms for scoring over 200, 000 hits on her blog I am the Diva!  To celebrate this milestone, she is having a fabulous "give-away" of  prizes..... or I should say, a "give-away" of THREE prizes.  Check out this blog post for details.  Hope you and I win!!! 8-> day dreaming

** The leaves were shipped from Hawaii to the US mainland after being inspected and certified for shipment by Hawaii's Department of Agriculture.

Monday, October 31, 2011

" All Hallows Eve " - Weekly Challenge #46

This is a very special Happy Halloween wish to Mia, Tehya and Kai!!  I sure do wish Grampa and I could come out tonight and "Trick or Treat" with you.  Have fun... 

And Happy Halloween to everyone!  On this scary day, the Diva has posted her weekly challenge, and the theme is................. you guessed it!  Halloween!  Here is the Diva's challenge:  "Create a tile or a Zentangle Inspired piece that is haunting or spooky, maybe with things that go bump in the night - with such an open ended prompt, there's no end to things you can do with it."

I laughed through the entire process of creating this tile.  Thought a lot about my Halloween adventures as a child, and about our grandchildren who will dress-up in their costumes and go out to Trick or Treat tonight (with their parents in tow...).   What fun.

Zentangle - Tile 3.5" square; Sakura Micron Black # 01 and #1; Prismacolor pencils for eyes; graphite shading.
I can't figure out why this cat's face looks familiar.  Is it the eyes?  Is this really an owl dressed as a cat?   And who is that spider???  ;) winking

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

" New Tangle Punzel " - Weekly Challenge #45

The Weekly Challenge from  I Am the Diva, Laura Harms, is to use the newly published tangle, Punzel, on a tile using the traditional Zentangle method or in a ZIA.  Maria Thomas revealed this new tangle two weeks ago at the CZT Seminar #7 in Providence, RI.

Oh, this is a doozie.  A formidable challenge.  An arduous task.

After I did a few quick 'test tangles', I wanted to decline and forget about this week's challenge.  But when I finally settled in to tangling-mode, I was back to that wonderful place that Zentangle has lead me to so many times in the past.  My Punzel interpretation needs a lot of tweaking, but the process of Zentangle is so familiar and comfortable and enjoyable and relaxing to me... that I am always anxious to visit my virtual tangling habitat.

Traditional Zentangle 3.5" tile; Sakura Micron Black #01 & #005; graphite shading.  (Punzel and Coil)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

" Tangled on the Inside " - Weekly Challelnge #44

This challenge has a great theme!  The Diva says:  "A while back Jo in NZ sent me an idea for a challenge... the idea is that you use one tangle as the 'string' and then fill in all the spaces with other tangles.  A tangle within a tangle....So, this week's challenge is to create a tile or ZIA using a tangle or tangle section as your string, then to fill in the 'blanks' with other tangles." 

And besides having a great theme, it was really fun!  When the Diva's challenge is posted on her blog each Monday morning, I read it, digest it, think about it, review my 'tangle bible', scribble a few strings on paper..... and, bottom line:  I procrastinate because ideas just don't easily bounce around in front of me and get lodged in my brain!  Ugh!!!! 

Artist block?  Perhaps.  In the words of one artist:  "In art, there are many tools to be used. But all these tools are rendered useless when you are missing the most important one: inspiration."  by *arriku

And when I read the guidelines for this challenge, I was inspired!! 

Thanks Jo and Laura.

                         "Tangled on the Inside" - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron Black #01, Brown #005, graphite shading.                                     (Ennies within Mooka within Flux).

... and one more...

                           "Tangled on the Inside" - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron Black #01, & #005, graphite shading.                                       (Msst & Vitruvius within Poke Root)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

" Sunflower Fun " - Weekly Challenge #43

The idea for this week's challenge theme is from Pennyb.  She writes to the Diva"In Republic of South Africa, on 12 October we have Bandana Day, which is run by the Sunflower Fund.   This is an organization founded in 1999 in support of the SA Bone Marrow Registry for people suffering from leukemia.  Every year our local retailer (Pick n Pay) sells Sunflower bandanas and the proceeds go towards the Sunflower Fund...everyone wears a Bandana, somehow somewhere on this day!   I wondered if you could incorporate the Sunflower Fund logo somehow as a Challenge during the week 12 Oct??"

So, the challenge this week is to create a Zentangle or ZIA inspired by the sunflower.

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron Black #01; graphite shading

A few Sunflower facts:
~ There are 82 species of sunflowers (genus Helianthus), all native to North America. Of these, 38 are perennials, and 44 are annuals..
~ The sunflower is the state flower of the US state of Kansas, and one of the city flowers of Kitakyūshū, Japan.
~ It is the subject of Van Gogh's most famous still life, Sunflowers.
~ It is the national flower of Peru, Russia, and Ukraine.
~ A Sunflower head consists of 1,000-2,000 individual flowers joined together by a base.
~Sunflowers most commonly grow to heights between 5–12 ft. (1.5-3.5m).
~A common misconception is that sunflowers track the sun.  In fact, mature flowerheads typically face east and do not move.
~A miniature representation of the pattern of  florets in the head of a sunflower was proposed by H. Vogel in 1979.  In the model, he noted a relationship between the angle at which the florets grow to the golden ratio where 55 and 144 are Fibonacci numbers).
Illustration of Vogel's model- Sunflower head/growth pattern of florets
 ~ Seeds of the Sunflower contain kernels... which are harvested and eaten as snacks and used in recipes.  These harvested kernels are sometimes referred to as 'sunflower seeds'. Oil is also extracted from the seeds/kernels for use in cooking.

Sunflower 'seeds'.

Sunflower kernels..... to enjoy for snacking.

Okay..... are you bored yet??  Then let's just enjoy the visuals of a sunflower's beauty.....

Field of Sunflowers blooming in Dakotas, USA
Field of Sunflowers as sunset.
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... and happy tangling!!

Sunflower information found at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunflower.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flames of " Hope " - Weekly Challenge #42

"Hope" is the theme of this week's challenge.  The Diva says:  "This week the challenge is to create a tile or ZIA inspired by hope.... however this applies to your life."  Read Laura's complete text on her website here.

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am inspired to create 'Bottles of Hope' for people who are afflicted with cancer, with special memories of my mother and my grandmother.  The Bottles of Hope program was started by a very special person (and my friend), Diane in 1999.  Read more about BOH here and here
In my world of Zentangle, I see 'hope' as flames.  ( see Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life.)  

ZIA - Bristol 5" square - Sakura Micron Sepia #01, Brown #005, Black #01; Prismacolor Pencils

I hope the Flames of Hope will help to keep our wonderful cancer researchers and medical personnel feverishly searching to find a cure for breast cancer....... until breast cancer is eradicated from our planet.

Thank you for visiting...
... and happy tangling.

For the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. website, Click Here

Saturday, October 1, 2011

" Opus & Jonqal Duo Tangle" - Weekly Challenge #41

Once a week, I post the Weekly Challenge by The Diva... and this week she says:  "So, this week's challenge is to do a tile or Zentangle inspired art piece (ZIA) that uses only these two tangles - Jonqal and Opus.  Both of these patterns are official Zentangle® Tangles....  

"Limiting yourself to only two tangles is such a simple and elegant way of pushing your own envelope!  Exercises like this often leave people saying: 'It's not very good'.  So, before you start this week's challenge i want you all to take a deep breath and repeat after me:  'It's about the PROCESS, not the PRODUCT'."  

Since I seldom use either of these tangle patterns in my Zentangle® art, (no special reason why... just a creature of habit, I guess...)  I was anxious to start drawing.  This week has been super busy for me, and I got a late start, so my submission is just 'under the wire'!  But I did love this challenge.  Using Opus as a string was "working out of the box" for me... but, as suggested,  I enjoyed the process and will add this 'new' technique to my bag of tricks.

ZIA - Opus & Jonqal

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

" PinWheels for Peace " - Weekly Challenge #40


Peace is a challenge.

Peace is the theme for this week's challenge from the Diva.  She says:  "Following closely on last week's Love challenge, this week's challenge was suggested by Amy Broady, a CZT in TN (hi!!) - who reminded me that September 21 is the  International Day of Peace .  

"Pinwheels for Peace originally started as an art installation organized by two high school teachers in Florida.  They used the project as a way to teach kids how to express their feelings about the world and what's going on in it.  Since then, it's grown from 500,000 pinwheels the first year to 3.5 million last year!!

"So, this week's challenge is to create your own pinwheel for peace."

ZIA - 4" square Bristol, Sakura Micron #'s 01, 005; graphite for shading

I anticipated that trying to transfer the image of a 3-dimensional pinwheel onto a flat surface of Bristol Vellum would be a no-can-do challenge for me.  [Drawing an outline is easy, but how do I make it look like a spinning object?] So, when I sat down to address my dilemma, I expected to meet-up with the ol' creative block.  But it never happened!  I started to pen the strokes, and before I realized it, the tile was finished!  Surprise, surprise!  (Sorta like when you're driving down the highway...... silently......peacefully..... alone... ..   Then you emerge from your trance and wonder to yourself, "Oh - where the heck am I supposed to be going?") 

 It just happened.  

Now, wouldn't it be nice if the world could acquire peace like that?  Wake-up tomorrow to a peaceful world..... and all because ...... 'it just happened'.

Whirled peace!

Thank you for visiting... 
..... and happy tangling.
(I think I feel like a "hippie" again.  Anybody got a smoke???)  

Friday, September 16, 2011

" All You Need is Love " - Weekly Challenge #39

I love the name of this week's challenge from the Diva.  In her 'challenge' post, the Diva so eloquently memorialized the 10th anniversary of  the 9/11 tragedy in the United States.  Thank you, Laura, for your beautiful words of love.  You can read Laura's full post here.  

ZIA - 5" x 7" Bristol; Sakura Micron #'s 01, 005; graphite shading; chalk pastels.

In my ZIA, the sphere surrounded by blue represents the world.  The peace sign carries Flux and Ennies (tangelation).   And the fractured heart is detailed with Mooka and Fern.  The living patterns (the fauna) represent us... people... humans.  The two groups are opposing, with some of them reaching out to each other.

And in the shadows, God is watching.
All we need is love.

Thank you for visiting...
... and happy tangling!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

" Better than a Pair of Ducks" - Weekly Challenge #38

The Diva's Weekly Challenge has been posted..... and we have been invited to create a monotangle using the mysteriously charming "Paradox".  According to dictionary.com, one definition of a paradox is:  a person or thing exhibiting apparently contradictory characteristics. In this case, straight lines = a curvaceous design.  (For a wonderful "in-depth" tutorial of Paradox, click here)  

Before the challenge was announced, I had already decided that my string (for this week's challenge) would be symbolic of a star.  We have 50 of them proudly displayed on Old Glory.  This week, I'm feeling a bit more patriotic than usual - as the 10th anniversary of America's 9/11 tragedy is commemorated.

ZIA 4.5" Bristol; Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 005; graphite shading

Thank you for visiting.....
... and happy tangling! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

" Kiss My Grids " - Weekly Challenge #37

For this week's challenge, the Diva says:  "... the challenge is to use all Grid based tangles in your tile or Zentangle Inspired Art.  And there's a whole bunch of 'em.  To do mine, I drew my string and then with my Micron i drew a grid across the entire tile - and chose two different grid based tangles to fill in the gaps.  And there you have it. Grids!  Have fun."

Oh, good.  An easy challenge.  With the hurricane still blowing around in my mind, I don't want to hurt my brain and be challenged to think too hard!  So, borrowing the weather icon from NOAH**, I drew my string.... then drew the grid and tangled on! 

Thanks, Laura!

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron black #'s 01 & 05; graphite for shading.
Some parts of our state were hit pretty hard by the hurricane... but on the whole, as it was downgraded to a 'tropical storm' by the time it reached us, the damage (for many) was somewhat bearable.  Wind damage was big, and flooding was anticipated.  Thousands of people are still without electric power. 

And today the sun shines radiantly!  The bright blue sky goes on forever over the gentle breezes of summer.  Life is good.

Thank you for visiting...
... and happy tangling!                   
**NOAH-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration                  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

" Assunta" - Weekly Challenge #36

"The challenge this week is to use the new tangle called Assunta that appeared in the latest Zentangle newsletter.  It's a close relative to the tangle cadent, and it's pretty fun.  You can see the instructions here - and your challenge is to delve in and try it out.  There are many things you can do with this tangle, lots of variations or tanglations are possible!"

Those are the instructions from Laura Harms, CZT, our lovely and talented Diva who presents us with our Zentangle®  'homework' (it's actually not home-work.... it's home-play!) via weekly challenges.
In the beginning, I had a bit of a struggle with Assunta.  Now understand, she's not a fallacious old girl, just somewhat plane to understand.  Her curves meet her points;  her points meet her points; and her curves meet her curves.  This girl has it all!!!!!

I have heard stories about her antics in the old country... where she is known as Tessa.  A bit of a puzzle, if you ask me.  She was born in the town of Polygon, daughter of self-replicating and recursion(al) parents.  Her brothers, Fractal and Symmetric, are both quadrilateral professors at the University of Congruence.

Tessa has family in Whitinsville.  Creative innovators, they hang out in a wonderful mode of rotational symmetry, inspiring humans with their talent, spirit and charm.  And so...... was born Assunta.

Traditional Zentangle®  - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron Black #'s 08, 01, 005; graphite shading.

 Thank you for visiting..........
.....and keep on tangling.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Tile on a Tile" - Weekly Challenge #35

Guest challenger Margaret Bremmer, CZT, says:  "This week's challenge is to create a "Tile on a Tile". Place the dots way in from the corners and leave a very generous border. Add your pencil string over the entire tile. You'll need to think about which tangles are darker and which are lighter, to help define the mini-tile, although shading will help too."

 After I completed my tile, I re-read Margaret's instructions.  Ooops............. I gὸόfed.  My pencil string is not covering the entire tile, as instructed.  Rather, I drew two different strings:  one for the inside/mini tile, and one for the outside tile.  But, alas, all is not lost.  I'll "do-over" later and enjoy the Zentangle process all over again.

Besides... a mistake is just another way of doing something!

I really enjoyed this delightful challenge.

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" tile; Sakura Micron #'s 01 & 005; graphite shading
Thanks for visiting....
... and happy tangling.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

" Opposites Attract " - Weekly Challenge #34

The object of this week's challenge is created by Christina Vandervlist, CZT.  She says:  "Create your string using EITHER straight lines alone, or solely curving shapes and then fill the string with its opposite!  If you use the straight-line string, fill it with curves and orbs and other soft tangles.  If you use the curvy string, try to fill it using only grid-based and angular tangles."

This was a relaxing challenge for me... as I could choose to draw whatever string and tangle felt good at the time!  It's not often that one has the opportunity to choose so freely... so when the opportunity arises, I accept it with gratitude and appreciate the moment.  Life is good.
Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" tile; Sakura Microns # 01 & 005; graphite shading
Thank you for visiting...
... and happy tangling!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

" Pendrills " - Weekly Challenge #33

The Diva is right on top of things!  The day after Zentangle® (Maria & Rick) announced and demonstrated a new "official" Zentangle-tangle, Laura scooped it up and presented it in this week's challenge.  She says:  "I have a few more lovely guest challenges waiting in the wings, but Rick and Maria have given us a new tangle to play with!  You can find the directions for this new tangle here.  It took me a few tries, but if you give it those few tries - this tangle starts to take on a life of it's own, winding and twisting through the tile.   Where will it take you?"

It's funny, but I noticed Maria using this tangle in a few of her pieces over the past week or two.  I found it so fascinating that I copied it... (or, I should say, I penned lines in my art journal and, with great effort, tried to interpret how this mysterious tangle was constructed).  "Deconstruction" of patterns/designs/tangles was a main theme of the Zentangle Master Class last summer....  (fabulous learning experience!) ... and that class prepared me well!  (... and they thought I wasn't paying attention!!)

And I will admit that, when I practiced Pendrills, my (steps of) deconstruction was almost 'right on target' to that which was demonstrated in the Zentangle Newsletter.  I am one happy tangler!  

Traditional Zentangle - "Pendrills" - 3.5" sq. tile;  Sakura Micron #'s 01 & 005, black and brown;  graphite pencil
Thank you for visiting.
Happy tangling!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

" Zentangle is for Everyone" - Weekly Challenge # 32

Carol Ohl, CZT, is this week's guest challenger.  She is a creative and talented artist who says:  (On a 3.5" square tile)..... "Use any string you like with these four tangles:  Pais (by Mikee Huber),  Zedbra (by Laura Harms and Margaret Bremner),  Keenees (by Donna Hornsby), and  Baton (by moi Carol Ohl) to create a response to this challenge."

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" square tile - Sakura Micron #'s 01 & 005; graphite for shading
Happy tangling!
ps:  and Happy Birthday to Chuckie, my favorite little brother!  Love you lots.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

" FairyLand " - Weekly Challenge #31

This week's delightful challenge by guest challenger, Carol Bailey Floyd CZT, is "FairyLand".  Carol says: "My challenge to you is to create a Zentangle environment where fairies would feel at home.  There are lots of tangles that have full fairy approval and affection!  Have fun!"

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" square tile; Sakura Micron black #'s 01 & 005;  Zig Writer 0.5mm Platinum; graphite for shading

A 'fairyland environment' has been growing here this summer, at our new home.  It's a fun little kit called "Wee Enchanted Garden"  that was purchased at JoAnn's Fabric & Crafts.  Children (and Grandmas) love to plant the seeds and paint the little mushrooms and rocks.... and watch the little garden come alive.

Fairy Land Garden on a budget.  (Looks like the struggling real estate market is evident everywhere! )
Happy tangling!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning New Tangles

During the past few months, I have been introduced to a plethora of new and varied tangles via the internet.  And when someone posts a new tutorial, proudly illustrating the deconstruction/reconstruction steps of a new pattern that he/she has created, my right brain becomes giddy with anticipation of recreating those lines….. one stroke at a time.

Sometimes my pattern re-creations are a good representation of the original tangle - and sometimes I manage to morph them into….. well, something entirely…… different.

Thank you to all the tangle-originators, past – present – and future. 

Some of the newest/most recent tangles that I’ve found are illustrated here…

ZIA Collage 8"x 10" of new/recently posted tangles - [Spooled; Tripoli; Beadlines; Ixoris variation; Berweed; Flux; Lily Pads; Pods; Floo variation; Bunyip; Fish; Jash]

If a specific tangle is not identified (above) and you know the tangle name, please let me know.  

Happy tangling!

ps:  Happy 6th Anniversary Ero & Chuckie ~ Love you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Same String Experiment

As I practice my Zentangle art, it has become apparent to me that the "string" is (the most)? a challenging step in the process.  But as a lady in one of my May classes said, "But it only takes a few seconds to randomly draw a string with a pencil.  I don't understand what the big deal is."

And I don't understand, either.  It often stops me in my tracks when I select a blank tile and prepare to tangle - but do I need to draw a string first?  Sometimes I am in a hurry and I want to draw a 'tangleation' that I've been thinking about - and I just want to start anywhere on the blank tile (without drawing a string).  Or I just found a new tangle on the internet and I want to sit and draw it.  But do I have to draw a string first?

In my humble opinion, the answer (for me) is "yes".  That string is an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny step that makes tangling a much more relaxing process.

About 8 months ago, as I was contemplating the pros and cons of drawing strings, I wondered how practical it would be to draw tangles using the same string on 5 different tiles.  So I experimented.

Using the traditional Zentangle method of art, I drew a pencil string on one tile - then I drew the same string on 4 additional tiles.  Over the next few days, I tangled on each of the tiles without looking back at what I had previously done.  Wow!  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  One thought that crossed my mind was, "Are these really the same strings?"  ((Oh, yes, they are.))

Here is my "Same String Experiment" of November 2010...

Same String #1 of 5

Same String - #2 of 5

Same String - #3 of 5

Same String - #4 of 5

Same String - #5 of 5
Happy tangling!

" String Theory - Initialize " - Weekly Challenge #30

This week's challenge is from guest challenger Christine Vandervlist, CZT.  She says..."for the challenge this week I am going to ask you to bring a little of yourself into the artwork! Draw your first and last initials, overlapping, and use this as the string for your tangles. Either block letters or cursive, both work well, so use your favourite".

I had to think about this for quite some time.  I couldn't imagine how my 'stick man' initials would make for an appealing tangle.  Straight lines... no curves.  Bo-ring.  My initials, TF, had me stuck in the mud.

So, I decided to use my other initials.... "PF".  At least I now have the advantage of a curve!

And when I penciled the initials onto the paper, two tangles immediately exploded off the page:  Vergigogh tangelation and Sanibelle.  So I went with them.  Quick and easy - down and dirty - relaxed and happy.  This was a fun challenge.  Thank you, Christina!

OH, one more thing....

In order to view my ZIA in it's proper orientation, you will need to do one of two things:  either lift your computer screen and rotate it 90 degrees right, OR lay on your desk/floor.

zia on 5"x 6" bristol board; Sakura Micron #'s 005 & 01; Zig platinum for shading inside tangles; graphite shading on tangle perimeter.
String for Challenge #30.
Happy tangling!
Tricia (aka Patricia)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

" String Theory-Creative Genesis " - Weekly Challenge #29

This week, Sue Jacobs, CZT, is the guest "challenger".  Sue's challenge is to draw a string using a piece of string (or yarn, rope, wire etc.).  Hold your piece of string/yarn above your tile and slowly drop the string onto the tile until it falls into a pleasing pattern.  Then, using a pencil, lightly trace the pattern of the string onto your tile.  Voila!!  You're ready to tangle.

For my string, I used this multi-colored cord that I received from Lois Stokes, CZT.  Lois gave a string to all the students in CZT Seminar #3 in May 2010.  (Thank you, Lois!)

String was slowly dropped onto this 3.5" square tile.  Pattern then lightly traced with a pencil.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here is my Creative Genesis contribution to this week's unique challenge.  This was fun.

Traditional Zentangle 3.5" square tile; Sakure Micron sizes 01 & 005; graphite for shading.

Great imagination, Sue!   What else do you have cookin' in your studio?

Happy tangling!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

" Trip to Tripoli "- Weekly Challenge #28

In this week's challenge from the Diva, she says: ..."get out your pens and explore the land of Tripoli! Where will it take you?"

 I wasn't sure where to start this tangle, so I took out my circle template.  After mapping-out the route with pencil, I wandered around and found Tripoli to be a fabulously versatile pattern.  So I kept on 'penning' and became totally engrossed in these little tri-polygons.... and I couldn't stop!  Tripoli is my new best friend.
"Trip to Tripoli" - ZIA, 6"x6" Bristol smooth 100 lb, Sakura Microns 01 & 005; graphite for string & shading.
Instruction for Tripoli is illustrated in the Zentangle Newsletter.  

Happy tangling!
ps:  Happy Birthday, Uncle Charlie!!  love you...