Thursday, March 28, 2013

" Mooka Monotangle Madness " Challenge #111

Our challenge, should we decide to accept it, is to use ONLY  MOOKA and its tangelations and explore its capabilities.  Sounds easy enough, huh?

Mooka is a lovely, curvy, flowing design...... the way Maria does it!!!   And I love watching her demonstrate this delicious tangle . 

For me, Mooka was a challenge - but I still managed to thoroughly relax and enjoy the process. And, of course, isn't that the basic concept of Zentangle?  Enjoying the process........

Traditional Zentangle - Bristol 3.5" sq.; Sakura Microns Black .25mm and Sepia .25mm; graphite shading.
Loooooooove that Mooka!!  Thanks Maria and Laura.
Happy tangling...
...and thank you for visiting.
Happy Easter!