Wednesday, August 3, 2011

" Pendrills " - Weekly Challenge #33

The Diva is right on top of things!  The day after Zentangle® (Maria & Rick) announced and demonstrated a new "official" Zentangle-tangle, Laura scooped it up and presented it in this week's challenge.  She says:  "I have a few more lovely guest challenges waiting in the wings, but Rick and Maria have given us a new tangle to play with!  You can find the directions for this new tangle here.  It took me a few tries, but if you give it those few tries - this tangle starts to take on a life of it's own, winding and twisting through the tile.   Where will it take you?"

It's funny, but I noticed Maria using this tangle in a few of her pieces over the past week or two.  I found it so fascinating that I copied it... (or, I should say, I penned lines in my art journal and, with great effort, tried to interpret how this mysterious tangle was constructed).  "Deconstruction" of patterns/designs/tangles was a main theme of the Zentangle Master Class last summer....  (fabulous learning experience!) ... and that class prepared me well!  (... and they thought I wasn't paying attention!!)

And I will admit that, when I practiced Pendrills, my (steps of) deconstruction was almost 'right on target' to that which was demonstrated in the Zentangle Newsletter.  I am one happy tangler!  

Traditional Zentangle - "Pendrills" - 3.5" sq. tile;  Sakura Micron #'s 01 & 005, black and brown;  graphite pencil
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Happy tangling!