Tuesday, August 30, 2011

" Kiss My Grids " - Weekly Challenge #37

For this week's challenge, the Diva says:  "... the challenge is to use all Grid based tangles in your tile or Zentangle Inspired Art.  And there's a whole bunch of 'em.  To do mine, I drew my string and then with my Micron i drew a grid across the entire tile - and chose two different grid based tangles to fill in the gaps.  And there you have it. Grids!  Have fun."

Oh, good.  An easy challenge.  With the hurricane still blowing around in my mind, I don't want to hurt my brain and be challenged to think too hard!  So, borrowing the weather icon from NOAH**, I drew my string.... then drew the grid and tangled on! 

Thanks, Laura!

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron black #'s 01 & 05; graphite for shading.
Some parts of our state were hit pretty hard by the hurricane... but on the whole, as it was downgraded to a 'tropical storm' by the time it reached us, the damage (for many) was somewhat bearable.  Wind damage was big, and flooding was anticipated.  Thousands of people are still without electric power. 

And today the sun shines radiantly!  The bright blue sky goes on forever over the gentle breezes of summer.  Life is good.

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**NOAH-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration                  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

" Assunta" - Weekly Challenge #36

"The challenge this week is to use the new tangle called Assunta that appeared in the latest Zentangle newsletter.  It's a close relative to the tangle cadent, and it's pretty fun.  You can see the instructions here - and your challenge is to delve in and try it out.  There are many things you can do with this tangle, lots of variations or tanglations are possible!"

Those are the instructions from Laura Harms, CZT, our lovely and talented Diva who presents us with our Zentangle®  'homework' (it's actually not home-work.... it's home-play!) via weekly challenges.
In the beginning, I had a bit of a struggle with Assunta.  Now understand, she's not a fallacious old girl, just somewhat plane to understand.  Her curves meet her points;  her points meet her points; and her curves meet her curves.  This girl has it all!!!!!

I have heard stories about her antics in the old country... where she is known as Tessa.  A bit of a puzzle, if you ask me.  She was born in the town of Polygon, daughter of self-replicating and recursion(al) parents.  Her brothers, Fractal and Symmetric, are both quadrilateral professors at the University of Congruence.

Tessa has family in Whitinsville.  Creative innovators, they hang out in a wonderful mode of rotational symmetry, inspiring humans with their talent, spirit and charm.  And so...... was born Assunta.

Traditional Zentangle®  - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron Black #'s 08, 01, 005; graphite shading.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Tile on a Tile" - Weekly Challenge #35

Guest challenger Margaret Bremmer, CZT, says:  "This week's challenge is to create a "Tile on a Tile". Place the dots way in from the corners and leave a very generous border. Add your pencil string over the entire tile. You'll need to think about which tangles are darker and which are lighter, to help define the mini-tile, although shading will help too."

 After I completed my tile, I re-read Margaret's instructions.  Ooops............. I gὸόfed.  My pencil string is not covering the entire tile, as instructed.  Rather, I drew two different strings:  one for the inside/mini tile, and one for the outside tile.  But, alas, all is not lost.  I'll "do-over" later and enjoy the Zentangle process all over again.

Besides... a mistake is just another way of doing something!

I really enjoyed this delightful challenge.

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" tile; Sakura Micron #'s 01 & 005; graphite shading
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

" Opposites Attract " - Weekly Challenge #34

The object of this week's challenge is created by Christina Vandervlist, CZT.  She says:  "Create your string using EITHER straight lines alone, or solely curving shapes and then fill the string with its opposite!  If you use the straight-line string, fill it with curves and orbs and other soft tangles.  If you use the curvy string, try to fill it using only grid-based and angular tangles."

This was a relaxing challenge for me... as I could choose to draw whatever string and tangle felt good at the time!  It's not often that one has the opportunity to choose so freely... so when the opportunity arises, I accept it with gratitude and appreciate the moment.  Life is good.
Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" tile; Sakura Microns # 01 & 005; graphite shading
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

" Pendrills " - Weekly Challenge #33

The Diva is right on top of things!  The day after Zentangle® (Maria & Rick) announced and demonstrated a new "official" Zentangle-tangle, Laura scooped it up and presented it in this week's challenge.  She says:  "I have a few more lovely guest challenges waiting in the wings, but Rick and Maria have given us a new tangle to play with!  You can find the directions for this new tangle here.  It took me a few tries, but if you give it those few tries - this tangle starts to take on a life of it's own, winding and twisting through the tile.   Where will it take you?"

It's funny, but I noticed Maria using this tangle in a few of her pieces over the past week or two.  I found it so fascinating that I copied it... (or, I should say, I penned lines in my art journal and, with great effort, tried to interpret how this mysterious tangle was constructed).  "Deconstruction" of patterns/designs/tangles was a main theme of the Zentangle Master Class last summer....  (fabulous learning experience!) ... and that class prepared me well!  (... and they thought I wasn't paying attention!!)

And I will admit that, when I practiced Pendrills, my (steps of) deconstruction was almost 'right on target' to that which was demonstrated in the Zentangle Newsletter.  I am one happy tangler!  

Traditional Zentangle - "Pendrills" - 3.5" sq. tile;  Sakura Micron #'s 01 & 005, black and brown;  graphite pencil
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