Saturday, October 1, 2011

" Opus & Jonqal Duo Tangle" - Weekly Challenge #41

Once a week, I post the Weekly Challenge by The Diva... and this week she says:  "So, this week's challenge is to do a tile or Zentangle inspired art piece (ZIA) that uses only these two tangles - Jonqal and Opus.  Both of these patterns are official Zentangle® Tangles....  

"Limiting yourself to only two tangles is such a simple and elegant way of pushing your own envelope!  Exercises like this often leave people saying: 'It's not very good'.  So, before you start this week's challenge i want you all to take a deep breath and repeat after me:  'It's about the PROCESS, not the PRODUCT'."  

Since I seldom use either of these tangle patterns in my Zentangle® art, (no special reason why... just a creature of habit, I guess...)  I was anxious to start drawing.  This week has been super busy for me, and I got a late start, so my submission is just 'under the wire'!  But I did love this challenge.  Using Opus as a string was "working out of the box" for me... but, as suggested,  I enjoyed the process and will add this 'new' technique to my bag of tricks.

ZIA - Opus & Jonqal

Thank you for visiting...
...and  happy tangling!