Monday, March 14, 2011

"Non-Dominatrix" - Weelky Challenge #13

Now THIS is a real challenge!!!  When I was penning the tangle, I heard the other side of my brain saying, "Hold the pen lightly..... slow, deliberate strokes.... relax & breathe".  

Then I realized why drawing with the (left) non-dominant hand was so hard for me..... I was using the wrong pen!  All the pens I have are 'right-handed' pens, as I am right-hand-dominant.  Sure gave the left side of my brain a jolt!

Fun, fun, fun.  Thanks, Laura.
"Non-Dominatrix" - Drawn with my left hand using a right-handed Sakura Micron 01 Black pen.

Happy tangling,

If you have not yet accepted the Diva's Weekly Challenge, I hope you will consider it!  All humans are eligible.