Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Love Your Curves" ~ Weekly Challenge #15

This week, the Diva's challenge is to use only curved lines in a Zentangle/ZIA.  A curved string paired with curved tangles and curved lines... and as Laura explains in her blog challenge-post,  "In Yoga, when you are doing a series of poses, it's always important to do each sequence on both sides of the body, to keep it in balance.  So, as in Yoga, we will strive to find balance by countering last week's 'straight lines' with this week's 'curves'."

"Love Your Curves" Weekly Challenge - in official Zentangle format

As each stroke was penned on this tile (made of beautiful 100% cotton, fine artists' paper), I was truly "in the moment".  Focus... breathe... relax... hold the pen lightly.

Meditating while drawing curves felt soft and melodious.  So quieting to the soul.

My heart was warm with gratitude.

My right brain so enjoyed the process of penning this tangle that I could almost hear it softly, softly purring.

Then I emerged from my hypnotic stupor to find that my favorite little happy feline was laying behind me on the back of the couch.  And, of course, he was purring.

Happy tangling,