Monday, November 28, 2011

" Biggify " - Weekly Challenge #50

Here's a new twist on tangling.  Biggify.  The Diva says:  "This week's challenge is to push your comfort zone and biggify your tangles.  Don't biggify your canvas, try sticking to the size you generally work on to get the full effect.  (Zentangling on a large surface is a whole other ball of wax - fun though) so if you work on tiles, biggify on a tile.  If you work in your journal, biggify in your journal.  You get it.  Have fun!  Try it a few times and see where your comfort zone lies.  Put your toe over that line and test the waters."

Hmmmmmm. Pushing the old comfort zone again.  (Well, isn't that what a 'challenge' is all about?)  I thought I would have difficulty drawing "larger than normal" tangles, but once I drew the string, I was on a roll.  This was a fun challenge.  Thanks, Laura.

Traditional Zentangle on 3.5" sq. tile - Sakura Micron Black #'s 01, 03, 05, 08; graphite shading.

Tangles: Cubine, Hibred, Rain & Snail.

Thank you for visiting.....
...and happy tangling.