Friday, April 8, 2011


This new tangle has been floating around in my work since last summer.  I didn't give it much thought until a few people asked me about it.... so here is the "how-to" for "Sanibelle":

Sanibelle Deconstructed

This pattern seems to come together in a more consistent flow if steps 1./2./3. (scalloped lines) are all drawn in their positions on the tile... then add the parallel lines in step 4.  Shading adds depth & dimension.

Here is Sanibelle in a border.  It also makes a very pretty filler...... (as shown here in second tile of this "Something Blue"  post.)

ZIA - Sanibelle tangle used in border and as focal pattern... 6"x 6" Bristol, Sakura Micron 01 Black, Prisma Colored Pencils

Happy tangling!