Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Same String Experiment

As I practice my Zentangle art, it has become apparent to me that the "string" is (the most)? a challenging step in the process.  But as a lady in one of my May classes said, "But it only takes a few seconds to randomly draw a string with a pencil.  I don't understand what the big deal is."

And I don't understand, either.  It often stops me in my tracks when I select a blank tile and prepare to tangle - but do I need to draw a string first?  Sometimes I am in a hurry and I want to draw a 'tangleation' that I've been thinking about - and I just want to start anywhere on the blank tile (without drawing a string).  Or I just found a new tangle on the internet and I want to sit and draw it.  But do I have to draw a string first?

In my humble opinion, the answer (for me) is "yes".  That string is an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny step that makes tangling a much more relaxing process.

About 8 months ago, as I was contemplating the pros and cons of drawing strings, I wondered how practical it would be to draw tangles using the same string on 5 different tiles.  So I experimented.

Using the traditional Zentangle method of art, I drew a pencil string on one tile - then I drew the same string on 4 additional tiles.  Over the next few days, I tangled on each of the tiles without looking back at what I had previously done.  Wow!  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  One thought that crossed my mind was, "Are these really the same strings?"  ((Oh, yes, they are.))

Here is my "Same String Experiment" of November 2010...

Same String #1 of 5

Same String - #2 of 5

Same String - #3 of 5

Same String - #4 of 5

Same String - #5 of 5
Happy tangling!

" String Theory - Initialize " - Weekly Challenge #30

This week's challenge is from guest challenger Christine Vandervlist, CZT.  She says..."for the challenge this week I am going to ask you to bring a little of yourself into the artwork! Draw your first and last initials, overlapping, and use this as the string for your tangles. Either block letters or cursive, both work well, so use your favourite".

I had to think about this for quite some time.  I couldn't imagine how my 'stick man' initials would make for an appealing tangle.  Straight lines... no curves.  Bo-ring.  My initials, TF, had me stuck in the mud.

So, I decided to use my other initials.... "PF".  At least I now have the advantage of a curve!

And when I penciled the initials onto the paper, two tangles immediately exploded off the page:  Vergigogh tangelation and Sanibelle.  So I went with them.  Quick and easy - down and dirty - relaxed and happy.  This was a fun challenge.  Thank you, Christina!

OH, one more thing....

In order to view my ZIA in it's proper orientation, you will need to do one of two things:  either lift your computer screen and rotate it 90 degrees right, OR lay on your desk/floor.

zia on 5"x 6" bristol board; Sakura Micron #'s 005 & 01; Zig platinum for shading inside tangles; graphite shading on tangle perimeter.
String for Challenge #30.
Happy tangling!
Tricia (aka Patricia)