Wednesday, June 6, 2012

" Bridgen " - a UMT - Weekly Challenge #73

This week we are using the tangle 'Bridgen', created by Daved Ohl.  It's an interesting story about how this tangle pattern was created in Daved's mind.  The challenge is to use Bridgen in a Zentangle or ZIA.

This challenge was "work" for me.  The design idea/string did not happen easily.  Blocked.  But I'll do another one and try to loosen-up.  Using a familiar spiral string gave me a good start. 

Traditional Zentangle - Sakura Microns,  Black #01 and Green #05; graphite shading

Thank you, Daved, for creating and sharing this tangle pattern.

Happy tangling.....
.... and thank you for visiting.

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