Monday, February 28, 2011 old post revisited

Zentangle - so happy to meet you! 

(original post date July 10, 2010) 


In August, 2009, I was surfing the web, visiting all my favorite quilting blogs.  One of my favorite was authored by an Australian quilter who did fabulous work, and I was a regular visitor to her lovely site.  On this day, as she completed her blog entry, she made reference to 'relaxing with a cup of tea and a bit of Zentangle time'.

I thought:  "Zentangle?  Never heard of  'zentangle'.  Interesting word.....wonder what it means?  Gotta get more info.  Sounds like something good… don’t know what it inner child is telling me to check it out.!"

So, after googling the word Zentangle,  I was directed to  - and youtube.

I was in love!  My muse was bursting with joy.  I started tangling on an old art pad.  Just drew straight, curved, angular, random lines in repetitive shapes and patterns.  Didn't really know what I was doing, but I was sure having fun doing it!  Repetitive lines.  Yes, this is fun.  And the results were pretty amazing.  My tangles looked like little works  Not possible.  Even without formal art training, I was making art!!!  

Then I bought a new little art pad. 

Two weeks later, I attended an 'Introduction to Zentangle'  Workshop in Whittinsville, MA, taught by Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts.  My muse sprouted wings and was out of control!  I was so excited that I didn't know what to do with myself!  But when I sat to tangle, my mind became focused... calm...relaxed.  Breathing was soft and gentle.  The world around me was ... quiet.  It felt like I was meditating.

I bought the official Zentangle Kit... watched the mesmerizing video... studied the booklet...   And now I pen zentangles on 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" tiles made of beautiful Italian printmaking paper.  What a difference this has made in my tangling journey.  

Feeling compelled to learn more about this amazing Zentangle art form, I enrolled in their Certification Seminar - and 8 months after my Introductory Workshop with Maria & Rick, I was back in  Whittensville where I learned so much - and received my 'diploma' as a Certified Zentangle Teacher. 

I am very excited to have found Zentangle at this juncture of my journey through life.  Thank you, Maria and Rick, founders of Zentangle, for so freely sharing your "inspiring, fun, enthusiastic, warm and magical" Zentangle art form and method.

You may better understand what all this fuss is about after visiting the official zentangle website:  Then take a class and begin your tangling journey.

Tricia, CZT
Warwick, RI
Tricia, CZT