Saturday, May 25, 2013

" Ebony & Ivory" - Challenge #119

For this week's challenge, like Laura, I struggled at the beginning.  Just having that extra little bit of information in my head (ie: ...."try to use equal parts of black and white space/tangles") distracted my thought process... until I de-constructed the instructions!  Duh!!!  Just use a black pen on white tile.  That's all.  End of trauma.

And, as Laura also noted, it's difficult to find a white opaque pen that is truly 'opaque' and user friendly... delivers a smooth line without skipping; covers black/dark paper in one stroke; dries to a crisp white color; etc.  So, no white pen for me.

And because of my Type A procastination, I'm late in posting.  But I'm happy.

ZIA - Sakura Micron Black #01/.25mm.  No graphite shading.
Tangle happy!
... and thank you for visiting.

Happy Birthday, David !
Happy Birthday, Tehya !
love you lots...