Wednesday, June 5, 2013

" Birds on a Wire " - umt - Challenge #121

The tangle that is being highlighted in this week's challenge is called 'Birds on a Wire', created by Mary Kissel, CZT.

I must have been 'on holiday' when this tangle pattern was released because it looks new to me.  And, sure enough, if you check out Mary's blog and follow her step-out, the pattern does resemble birds sitting on a wire.  (Remember the movie by that name (1990) with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson?)

I wasn't quite sure how to artistically use Mary's tangle in a design, and this was, indeed, a challenge for me. So, rather than having it be the main entree/center of attention, I'm using it as a side dish.

Have you been following Erin and her weekly Zendala Dare?  I have been too chicken to participate.  Why?  Mandala designs - or Zendalas, for tangling purposes, intimidate me.  Why?  Don't know.  This is my first Zendala attempt.  (template from Erin's  Zendala Dare #55.)

ZIA - Zendala Dare string -  Sakura Micron black #01/0.25mm; Zig pen platinum for light shading.

This was a fun piece to tangle. 
Kudos to Laura, Mary and Erin.
Happy tangling.... and thank you for visiting.