Friday, November 29, 2013

" PeaNuckle & Well " Duo-Tangle - Challenge #146

Gobble.  I am thankful to be back to the tangling arena on this beautiful sun-shiny day. 

Happy Thanksgiving week to you.  And Happy Hanukkah.  No school today, so the children are happy!  Black Friday has arrived on a blustery New England wind, and Christmas preparations have officially begun.  Hallelujah!

This week's challenge from the Diva is a duo-tangle:  Well & PeaNuckle.  The tangle Well is so fun, with simple line-shifting, curving variations.  Lots of fun to play with. 

PeaNuckle, on the other hand, has me baffled.  But it's okay to be baffled while tangling!!  The element of surprise looms beyond the completion of each stroke, and it makes the process of tangling more artistically exciting.  (I really. had. to. pay. attention. to. each. line. direction.)   Ommmmmmmmm ~

Traditional Zentangle on Renaissance tile - Sakura Microns Black and Brown; graphite shading;
white charcoal highlights.

 Happy tangling....
.... and thank you for visiting!

Happy Birthday, HonI love you!!!