Wednesday, July 6, 2011

" String Theory-Creative Genesis " - Weekly Challenge #29

This week, Sue Jacobs, CZT, is the guest "challenger".  Sue's challenge is to draw a string using a piece of string (or yarn, rope, wire etc.).  Hold your piece of string/yarn above your tile and slowly drop the string onto the tile until it falls into a pleasing pattern.  Then, using a pencil, lightly trace the pattern of the string onto your tile.  Voila!!  You're ready to tangle.

For my string, I used this multi-colored cord that I received from Lois Stokes, CZT.  Lois gave a string to all the students in CZT Seminar #3 in May 2010.  (Thank you, Lois!)

String was slowly dropped onto this 3.5" square tile.  Pattern then lightly traced with a pencil.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here is my Creative Genesis contribution to this week's unique challenge.  This was fun.

Traditional Zentangle 3.5" square tile; Sakure Micron sizes 01 & 005; graphite for shading.

Great imagination, Sue!   What else do you have cookin' in your studio?

Happy tangling!