Thursday, February 2, 2012

" Non Dominatrix " - Weekly Challenge #56

This week, we are challenged to draw our Zentangle (or ZIA) while holding the pen in our non-dominant hand.  This is truly a lesson in concentration.  First of all, just holding the pen between the fingers of my left (non-dominant) hand was a giggle.  (A child in pre-school would probably conquer that challenge much more gracefully than I did.)  Then, as I tried to stabilize the pen between my fingers, it was funny to watch it glide above the surface of the paper, seemingly mocking each stroke, but no ink appeared on the tile!   OMG, the pen is too short!  It doesn't reach the paper!

The pen finally did manage to reach the surface of the paper and leave its mark.  More giggles.  The black ink is twitching and squirming right before my eyes.  No straight/crisp lines here!! 

Well, this process continued until I was finished with my quirky creation.  And the zen-time passed so quickly.  What an accomplishment!  The muscles in my face kinda hurt 'cuz I must have been smiling during the entire 50 minute process! 

Oh, this was, for sure, a challenging challenge! 

Traditional Zentangle - 3.5" sq. tile; Sakura Micron Black #01, Brown #01; graphite shading.  (Brown ink was used for part of this tangle because I picked-up the wrong pen.  Intended for the whole tangle to be done in black ink.)
Thanks, Ms. Diva, for a fun challenge.

Happy tangling.....
.....and thanks for stopping by.