Saturday, February 9, 2013

" Dansk " UMT - Weekly Challenge #105

Challenge:  use Tangle Pattern Dansk in a Zentangle® or ZIA.

This challenge reminds me of  our most recent weather event - Blizzard: Nemo - which is just winding down in our little part of the world. 

As they forecast the weather, the meteorologists on The Weather Channel point to the numerous calculations and swirling colors on their weather maps; temperature, rain/snow line, wind direction, etc.  Have you noticed how the **isobar graphics on the weather maps resemble the patterning of Dansk

Traditional Zentangle 3.5" sq - Sakura Micron Black 0.25mm & Brown 0.25mm; graphite shading.

Tangle pattern Dansk created by Margaret Bremmer, CZT....(and my classmate). 
Weekly Challenge #105 by Laura Harms, CZT.....(also my classmate!)  Great job, ladies.
 Happy tangling...
...and thank you for visiting.
**isobar : a line drawn on a map to indicate areas having the same atmospheric pressure
                 at a given time or for a given period of time    (Merriam Webster