Wednesday, June 29, 2011

" Trip to Tripoli "- Weekly Challenge #28

In this week's challenge from the Diva, she says: ..."get out your pens and explore the land of Tripoli! Where will it take you?"

 I wasn't sure where to start this tangle, so I took out my circle template.  After mapping-out the route with pencil, I wandered around and found Tripoli to be a fabulously versatile pattern.  So I kept on 'penning' and became totally engrossed in these little tri-polygons.... and I couldn't stop!  Tripoli is my new best friend.
"Trip to Tripoli" - ZIA, 6"x6" Bristol smooth 100 lb, Sakura Microns 01 & 005; graphite for string & shading.
Instruction for Tripoli is illustrated in the Zentangle Newsletter.  

Happy tangling!
ps:  Happy Birthday, Uncle Charlie!!  love you...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

" Duo-Tangle" - Weekly Challenge #27

This week's challenge is to create a zentangle or ZIA using only two tangle patterns:  Dex and Verdigogh.  Both patterns are official Zentangle tangles.

Dex?  Hmmmmmmmmmm..... What does Dex look like?  And how is it deconstructed??  I don't think I have ever had occasion to draw this tangle.  

Verdigogh is one of my favorites, so this assignment was at least half  familiar!  But the actual design was the true challenge for me.  Dex and Verdigogh are two of the most unlikely soul-mates!
"Duo Tangle" - (traditional Zentangle) 3.5" square tile; Sakura Micron black #01, #005; graphite shading.
 Happy tangling!
ps:  Happy Birthday, Uncle Charlie!!  Love you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

" Spiral Out - Keep Going " - Weekly Challenge #26

This week the challenge is to make your string a 'Spiral'!   There are all kinds of significance to the spiral - it occurs everywhere in nature and in sacred geometry.  You can build it with the golden ratio, etc., etc., etc. (The Diva)

What is a 'spiral'?  To summarize the many definitions, a spiral is a curve on a plane or in a space, which runs around a centre in a special way.

Apparently, my ZIA spiral is a 'three-dimensional conical helix' form/shape/type.  Whoever knew! 

"Spiral Out"- ZIA - 6"x6" Bristol board; double-pencil string; Sakura Micron Black 01, 005 & Brown 01; graphite shading

Happy tangling!
p.s.  Happy Birthday, Susan.  Love you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

" Zendala Magic " - Weekly Challenge #25

Pinch-hitting for the Diva this week is Genevieve Crabe, CZT guest challenger who says:   

"As some of you know, zendalas (a fusion of mandalas and Zentangle) are one of my favourite art forms. So for this week's challenge, I have created a zendala template for you to decorate.  Here is [a preview of] the image:"
Zendala template created by Gevevieve Crabe, CZT, for Weekly Challelnge #25

During the last 2 weeks, DH and I have moved to a new house.  Now the challenge is to make it our new home.  But this merry-go-round of pack-the-boxes-unpack-the-boxes has taken a serious toll on my precious Zentangle time!!!  And for a few days, my box of Zentangle materials were actually missing!  OH, NO!!  Tell me it isn't so!

But alas, my Zentangle toys were located and my world is back to normal.  (Well, almost.)  Ahhhh - such a pleasure to get back into my comfortable chair and tangle.  I really needed this tangle-time.  Thanks, Rick and Maria!

This mandala was really fun to tangle.  Thank you, Genevieve.

"Zendala Magic" - 3.5" tile, Sakura Micron#01 & #005, graphite shading
Happy tangling!
p.s.  Happy Birthday, Christopher!  Love you.