Wednesday, June 29, 2011

" Trip to Tripoli "- Weekly Challenge #28

In this week's challenge from the Diva, she says: ..."get out your pens and explore the land of Tripoli! Where will it take you?"

 I wasn't sure where to start this tangle, so I took out my circle template.  After mapping-out the route with pencil, I wandered around and found Tripoli to be a fabulously versatile pattern.  So I kept on 'penning' and became totally engrossed in these little tri-polygons.... and I couldn't stop!  Tripoli is my new best friend.
"Trip to Tripoli" - ZIA, 6"x6" Bristol smooth 100 lb, Sakura Microns 01 & 005; graphite for string & shading.
Instruction for Tripoli is illustrated in the Zentangle Newsletter.  

Happy tangling!
ps:  Happy Birthday, Uncle Charlie!!  love you...


  1. HOLEY TRIP-OLI' (SP.???), It rhymed in my brain somewhere.... this is way too cool.....m

  2. The detail on this is phenomenal! Beautiful work.

  3. Looks like you had a GREAT "trip" - you obviously love Tripoli! *G*

  4. What a whirl of a trip, splendid!

  5. Wowzer, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing your obsession with us. It is wonderful!

  6. WOW absolutely blown away XOXO Zoe

  7. This one is just gorgeous! I really was in for a surprise when I opened this link!



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