Thursday, June 16, 2011

" Spiral Out - Keep Going " - Weekly Challenge #26

This week the challenge is to make your string a 'Spiral'!   There are all kinds of significance to the spiral - it occurs everywhere in nature and in sacred geometry.  You can build it with the golden ratio, etc., etc., etc. (The Diva)

What is a 'spiral'?  To summarize the many definitions, a spiral is a curve on a plane or in a space, which runs around a centre in a special way.

Apparently, my ZIA spiral is a 'three-dimensional conical helix' form/shape/type.  Whoever knew! 

"Spiral Out"- ZIA - 6"x6" Bristol board; double-pencil string; Sakura Micron Black 01, 005 & Brown 01; graphite shading

Happy tangling!
p.s.  Happy Birthday, Susan.  Love you.