Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Mooka - Weekly Chellenge #16"

The Diva has announced Weekly Challenge #16:  "Mooka"

Before I penned this tangle onto an official Zentangle tile, I practiced drawing different versions of Mooka in my art journal.  As my pen moved across the paper, it twisted and turned and skipped through the process, and I did get lost in the continuous-line-flow of the pattern.  Really fun.  Each practice tangle was different.

Okay, enough practice.  Let's get serious.  Time to draw a Zentangle for the Weekly Challenge.

Well, when I finished my design, I could hardly keep from ROTFLMAO!  What IS it??  Strange looking... creature???  I'm not sure if is sings "bah-bah-bah".... or maybe "beep-beep".  (A sheep on roller skates?  Or the Road Runner?!)

Then I settled down, and thought:  "This is a Zentanagle.  It has no right or left, no up or down, good or bad, right or wrong.  The process is the same, no matter what emerges as the final result."

And was it fun to draw?  You betcha!!

... and I'm still giggling.

Zentangle - "Mooka" - Weekly Challenge #16

Happy tangling.