Friday, June 10, 2011

" Zendala Magic " - Weekly Challenge #25

Pinch-hitting for the Diva this week is Genevieve Crabe, CZT guest challenger who says:   

"As some of you know, zendalas (a fusion of mandalas and Zentangle) are one of my favourite art forms. So for this week's challenge, I have created a zendala template for you to decorate.  Here is [a preview of] the image:"
Zendala template created by Gevevieve Crabe, CZT, for Weekly Challelnge #25

During the last 2 weeks, DH and I have moved to a new house.  Now the challenge is to make it our new home.  But this merry-go-round of pack-the-boxes-unpack-the-boxes has taken a serious toll on my precious Zentangle time!!!  And for a few days, my box of Zentangle materials were actually missing!  OH, NO!!  Tell me it isn't so!

But alas, my Zentangle toys were located and my world is back to normal.  (Well, almost.)  Ahhhh - such a pleasure to get back into my comfortable chair and tangle.  I really needed this tangle-time.  Thanks, Rick and Maria!

This mandala was really fun to tangle.  Thank you, Genevieve.

"Zendala Magic" - 3.5" tile, Sakura Micron#01 & #005, graphite shading
Happy tangling!
p.s.  Happy Birthday, Christopher!  Love you.


  1. It's beautiful.
    I know how you feel. I'm moving also.
    I would panic if I lost my Zentangle things.

  2. I love your zendala, moving is so stressful, I'm glad you were able to unwind and do this challenge. When I have to move, all the boxes go in the garage and are brought in one at a time, that way I'm not tripping over them all the time. (I've moved 47 times - military brat/wife)

  3. This is so much movement in this one! Love it.

  4. That's gorgeous. I love how the thin lines give it dimension!

  5. Great sense of depth in this piece. Well done


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