Tuesday, August 23, 2011

" Assunta" - Weekly Challenge #36

"The challenge this week is to use the new tangle called Assunta that appeared in the latest Zentangle newsletter.  It's a close relative to the tangle cadent, and it's pretty fun.  You can see the instructions here - and your challenge is to delve in and try it out.  There are many things you can do with this tangle, lots of variations or tanglations are possible!"

Those are the instructions from Laura Harms, CZT, our lovely and talented Diva who presents us with our Zentangle®  'homework' (it's actually not home-work.... it's home-play!) via weekly challenges.
In the beginning, I had a bit of a struggle with Assunta.  Now understand, she's not a fallacious old girl, just somewhat plane to understand.  Her curves meet her points;  her points meet her points; and her curves meet her curves.  This girl has it all!!!!!

I have heard stories about her antics in the old country... where she is known as Tessa.  A bit of a puzzle, if you ask me.  She was born in the town of Polygon, daughter of self-replicating and recursion(al) parents.  Her brothers, Fractal and Symmetric, are both quadrilateral professors at the University of Congruence.

Tessa has family in Whitinsville.  Creative innovators, they hang out in a wonderful mode of rotational symmetry, inspiring humans with their talent, spirit and charm.  And so...... was born Assunta.

Traditional Zentangle®  - 3.5" sq tile; Sakura Micron Black #'s 08, 01, 005; graphite shading.

 Thank you for visiting..........
.....and keep on tangling.


  1. WOW! Wonderful work and loved your post!!!

  2. Awesome! Love the single assunta cluster as the frame.....

  3. I love this, so much movement and depth. Well done!

  4. I got a chuckle from your post...LOVE your tangle!!

  5. Your blog is brilliant as is your tile.

  6. Funny, funny post. :-) Thanks for the smile....and the validation that this was a challenging challenge. LOL You got a great results with it.

  7. Great tile and I'm just lovin' the story of the 'birth' of Assunta! Makes me smile.


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