Monday, October 31, 2011

" All Hallows Eve " - Weekly Challenge #46

This is a very special Happy Halloween wish to Mia, Tehya and Kai!!  I sure do wish Grampa and I could come out tonight and "Trick or Treat" with you.  Have fun... 

And Happy Halloween to everyone!  On this scary day, the Diva has posted her weekly challenge, and the theme is................. you guessed it!  Halloween!  Here is the Diva's challenge:  "Create a tile or a Zentangle Inspired piece that is haunting or spooky, maybe with things that go bump in the night - with such an open ended prompt, there's no end to things you can do with it."

I laughed through the entire process of creating this tile.  Thought a lot about my Halloween adventures as a child, and about our grandchildren who will dress-up in their costumes and go out to Trick or Treat tonight (with their parents in tow...).   What fun.

Zentangle - Tile 3.5" square; Sakura Micron Black # 01 and #1; Prismacolor pencils for eyes; graphite shading.
I can't figure out why this cat's face looks familiar.  Is it the eyes?  Is this really an owl dressed as a cat?   And who is that spider???  ;) winking

Thank you for visiting...
... and happy tangling.


  1. Love it! Looks like the cat is getting sucked into the spider web vortex :-) Love the eyes too!

  2. Oh, that's great! It looks like a profession greeting card!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous....simple but eye-catching!

  4. Very appropriate - love your cat, there's lots of personality there. Those are some fabulous cat eyes!

  5. This is awesome! Love the personality you've captured in the cat!

  6. Love the Cat with the green eyes! Excelent!

  7. Your cat is so Cute! I love everything about this tangle. Too Cute!


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