Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning New Tangles

During the past few months, I have been introduced to a plethora of new and varied tangles via the internet.  And when someone posts a new tutorial, proudly illustrating the deconstruction/reconstruction steps of a new pattern that he/she has created, my right brain becomes giddy with anticipation of recreating those lines….. one stroke at a time.

Sometimes my pattern re-creations are a good representation of the original tangle - and sometimes I manage to morph them into….. well, something entirely…… different.

Thank you to all the tangle-originators, past – present – and future. 

Some of the newest/most recent tangles that I’ve found are illustrated here…

ZIA Collage 8"x 10" of new/recently posted tangles - [Spooled; Tripoli; Beadlines; Ixoris variation; Berweed; Flux; Lily Pads; Pods; Floo variation; Bunyip; Fish; Jash]

If a specific tangle is not identified (above) and you know the tangle name, please let me know.  

Happy tangling!

ps:  Happy 6th Anniversary Ero & Chuckie ~ Love you.


  1. What a beautiful ZIA piece and great way to try new tangles!

  2. Oh how wonderful. I love the creation you've shared with us here. I recognize several patterns. Always fun to see folks using one of my little diddies and I really your spin on my "spooled" pattern.

    Keep up the beautiful Zentangles. I'm inspired by your creations!


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