Tuesday, May 7, 2013

" Schway " - Challenge #117

Last week, Zentangle® Central released a new official tangle called "Schway".  See it here on the Zentangle Newsletter.
When I viewed this new tangle pattern in the Newsletter, I was immediately disinterested because the resulting design did not appeal to me.  I had no desire to study the 'step-out' and felt that it would never have a place in my Zentangle practice.  It just didn't taste good.
Then came Monday, and the Diva had spoken!!  This week's challenge is to use "Schway" in a Zentangle or ZIA.  Oy vey.
So, back to the Zentangle Newsletter to study the Schway step-out.  I practiced it a few times.  Still did not appeal to me.  Not my style.   
Now it was time to draw my string on a tile.  I tangled other patterns and played, joyfully, with Mooka and my other tangle-friends.  Oh, yes, I was avoiding the inevitable.
Then along came Schway.  After the top area of the design was all Schwayed,  I started adding a few more strokes.... one at a time....here and there.... until:  OMG, it doesn't look like Schway anymore!!!  Cool.
All I am saying is  Give "Schway" a chance.*

Traditional Zentangle - Sakura Micron Black #01/.25mm; graphite shading

* Thank you, John Lennon. 
Happy tangling....
and thank you for visiting!


  1. You accomplished the goal shway gone away and yet still there! Good effort and the tile is lovely!

  2. I had the same reaction I didn't care to do it either. I may now give it a try~~~~

  3. Very creative and pretty tile! Love it! I personally struggled with this challenge and thought I would never get it...Took me a while, but I will practice Schway a little more.

    Be happy,

    Jacque Solomon

  4. Wow - I really had to study this to find schway. Inspiring to see you take it to this direction.

  5. You did make it hard to find Schway back :-)

  6. I agree, give Schway a chance is really working for you. Way to tangle!

  7. Schway incognito, how cool is that!! And thank you so much for the John Lennon video!

  8. Took me a while to "discover" where you had hidden schway. How creative!


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