Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday was "Fun Day" for these Zentangle beginners...

Today, this blog is being "reinvented" - as it has been static for months!  And I'm laughing as I post this... thinking about the wonderful group of  ladies in my Introduction to Zentangle Class on Friday at Blaine's Sewing Center.  We all had such a fun time:  creating, focusing, breathing and laughing.  A few of the 'girls' had done a bit of "zentangle inspired tangling" before taking the class... and a few had not.  Here is a look at their very first official "Zentangle" tiles...

Original Zentangle art by: Barbara P., Carol N., Catrina H., Cheryl N., Cynthia T., Jody B., Josie T., Marie G., Patricia C., Patricia D. 

Thank you, ladies, for such a fun experience!  And aside from the fun and laughter, I truly hope all found a bit of soft, gentle quietness within yourselves.  The pen touches the paper, and the mind embraces the zen.

Happy tangling,

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