Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Egg-zzzellent" - Weekly Challelnge #18

The challenge for this week is to tangle an egg shaped-design.  And this is eggzactly the kind of challenge I needed this week:  simple.  ('Challenges' are not necessarily supposed to be difficult, right?)  It was challenging just to find time to sit and tangle! 

"EGG-zzzellent" Weekly Challenge #18 - 005 & 01 Micron, chalk pastels, Prismacolor Premier pencils

I have nothing "enlightening" or profound or educational to say about eggs.  Is it a stretch to call this entertaining???

Humpty Dumpty sat by the pool.
Humpty Dumpty thought he was cool.
He wouldn’t wear sunscreen 
Cuz he thought it was dumb.
Now he’s served at McDonalds
With ham & cheese on a bun.

Happy tangling!


  1. that's so cute....I know some people have a tree branch they really use....making a drawing of one works for me!!!

  2. Oh, I like how you set that up. Nice!

  3. Love your beautiful little eggs on a tree. Great texture and tangling!

  4. Okay, it's a cute little ditty, but the art is GORGEOUS! What a great and happy ZIA!

  5. HA HA HA love the poem and your eggs

  6. Oh this is great, reminds me of the Easter trees they have in Germany.
    Love the rhyme!
    Thanks for visiting my blog

    Rosie x

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  8. As much as anything in your lovely drawing, I *adore* the tree limb! I think it's a nice contrast of strength to the delicate egg designs.
    Jane D, CZT-V


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