Thursday, March 8, 2012

" Golven " aka " Waves " - Weekly Challenge #61

The theme for the first Monday of the month is reserved for us... [we tangling humans who are creatively enthralled with the art of Zentangle (R)].  The first Monday of each month will feature a home-made tangle, chosen at random.  The Diva says:  "This week's tangle, called GOLVEN, comes to us from Mariët.  GOLVEN is the Dutch word for waves.  You can find instructions for her tangle here."

I often visit Mariet's blog.  Her flair for the artistic is quite evident.  She does such lovely work.

When Mariet first demonstrated her new tangle called Waves/Golven, I diligently gave it a try.  I gave it several tries.  Although I did not expect it to look exactly like hers, I did expect a reasonable facsimile.  Didn't happen.  So, I sorta pushed Waves/Golven over to the "Tangles that Frustrate Me" list.

After this challenge was posted, I knew I would give it another try.  Then I read Margaret Bremmer's post  "Two New Tangles Attempted.....".  This was my 'ahh-haa' moment.  And as Margaret said, "Then I realized that I hadn't exactly followed the directions!"

I had not exactly followed Mariet's directions!

I was omitting Step 4, which was to heavily shade the corners.  So, the secret is to follow the directions, huh?  Yep!  I love, love, love the way Waves/Golven looks when it's finished and shaded.  It's a very lovely and versatile tangle.  Thank you, Mariet.  Wonderful tangle.

Traditional Zentangle - Sakura Micron Black #01, graphite shading.
And thank you, Margaret, for pointing out the obvious.

Happy tangling.....
... and thank you for visiting.


  1. I love how floaty this piece is. so much life!

  2. I must say that the shading makes this tile amazing! Wow!

  3. You've conquered Golven beautifully. This has a wonderful feel and flow!

  4. I LOVE this tile! It's so simple, but absolutely beautiful and flowing. Representational (a boat floating on the waves) but still abstract enough that you could view it from any side and it would still look great. Fabulous job!

  5. I'm so glad that you finally have fun with Golven.
    You made a beautiful ZT with it.
    The shading is perfect!

  6. I love how Tri-Po looks like a sailboat floating on the waves of Golven! Very beautiful!

  7. I saw the same boat and waves that Sue did - and I saw a beautifully executed tile! Great work!

  8. I like this a lot. It's so elegant and has a story. Wonderful work!


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