Saturday, April 28, 2012

" Earth Day " - Weekly Challenge #67

April 22 was World Earth Day, so, as you may have guessed, the Diva has suggested this week's theme to be...... Earth Day.  Please see Laura's commentary here

Wouldn't it be nice if we, each individual human person living on planet Earth, would honor our planet every day by being more conscoius of recycling, water preservation, air purity, trees, plants, rivers, streams, oceans, etc etc etc........... 

Here is my challenge/contribution to thoughts of Earth Day.....

ZIA - 5" x 7" sketch book; Sakura Micron Black #01; Prismacolor Pencils; graphite shading.

Happy tangling...
..... and thank you for visiting.

ps:  Happy Birthday, Mary!  luv you lots


  1. I love you work of art. It is beautiful.

  2. I love the lattice work at the top! The whole piece feels delicately beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! And I love the thought that went into this.

  4. wow! just wonderful! the trellis and flowers are beautiful! and i like how you incorporated the snake!

  5. I would love to tangle with you . . . that is be inspired by your art. You're pretty amazing. I love tangles (as long as they are not in my hair) and sometimes like to use them as boarders in my art journal. Your newest follower #98. Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me, too. Have a great day, Connie :)

  6. The whole picture tells a great story. But my favorite part is the lattice work!!!

  7. I agree, it would be nice.....and what a joyful garden you have create.


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