Thursday, May 10, 2012

" Groovy " - Weekly Challenge #69

This is UMT week on the Diva's Weekly Challenge scene.  The tangle is called "Groovy" - created by Eden Hunt from Cut'n It Up.   We are challenged to use this new tangle in a traditional ZentangleR or a ZIA.

"Groovy" is a beautiful and flowing pattern of gracefully curved strokes.  I have always liked this pattern, but shyed away from it because it was too difficult challenging for me to understand it's ebb and flow.  Now I understand it a little better..... and will add it to my 'favorites' list of tangles.

Traditional Zentangle - Sakura Micron Black #01; graphite shading

ZIA - 3.5" sq.; Sakura Micron Black #01; ColorBox Stamp Petals; Prismacolor Premiere Pencils; graphite shading

Thank you, Eden, for creating and sharing this beautiful tangle.  And, as always, thank you to our amazing Diva, Laura!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy tangling....
.....and thank you for visiting.


  1. I love what you did with Groovy! Both are so delicate and lovely.

  2. your yellow and green rendition is so soft and warm - i really like it! the first one is beautiful - i like the sanibelles you added, too :)

  3. Your curved lines make it so groovy. I am really impressed with what you have done with the challenge! Yep, impressed!

  4. Both are really beautiful! Love the "circle" that shows groovy in different sizes; and the soft color in the second one.

  5. Your wreath is lovely! And the second one? I love how you have used the color. Very nice.

  6. Nice color work here on the second tile. I'm not quite there yet...!

  7. I think you have the right moves to create the grooviest groovy Tricia!

  8. fantastic, I love the curves to these artworks, what great concept.

  9. Great tangles!!! Love what you did with the first one!


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