Thursday, August 1, 2013

" String Theory " 0- Challenge #129

I used to really, really like tangling within 'pre-strung' strings..... but somewhere along my  Zentangle Journey, it has become a not-so-favorite method-of-choice.  Or maybe it just depends on the mood-of-the-day.  After all, tangling those weekly mandala designs (Zendala Dare) is pretty exciting.  At least it has peaked my interest for now.  Sometimes I feel claustrophobic and don't want to be confined to a small area designated by a string.  I just want be loosy-goosy and pop out-of-the-box with curving, lingering, random lines exuding from the tip of my pen.  The pen does all the work.

This week, the Diva's challenge is to work with a predetermined string.  Oy.  This is going to be a challenge.  "What can I possibly do with this?", I thought. 

So, I moaned and groaned (for a brief nano-second!) - until I remembered a very cool, brandy-new tangle that I found and fell in love with this week (on line).  I have been so anxious to test-drive it, and this predetermined string challenge is the perfect time to give it a go.  Once again, the Universe has come to my rescue!!

Because I don't remember the name of this cool new tangle, I was unable to locate it!   So, I put my pen into 1st gear and proceeded from memory.... (always a risky venture!)   I'm happy with how that tangle looks, but the tile as a

If you should happen to know/find the name of the tangle in the two- teardrop areas on the tile below, please enlighten me!   (Many thanks, in advance.)

ZIA-4" square bristol; Sakura Micron Black #01; graphite shading; crackled rubber stamp/platinum ink background
Happy tangling,
... and thank you for visiting.


  1. Love that tangle in the centers! When you find out the name I would like to know! Your tile explodes with fun!

  2. I'm not sure which pattern you mean, but the one in the ovals is Paushalov, and the linear one is Organza. It's a lovely tile, I like it a lot. I'm using Paushalov, too. It suits the string.

    1. Yes, Audrie, I think that's it! Paushalov ! Thank you so much.

  3. Your tile is lovely!!!! I do like it a lot.

  4. Very pretty and delicate tile! It appears so brightly. Nicely done!

  5. I like your tile, when Iook at it I see two shells they opened and in it are lying small little baby paushalov shrimps (Ha ha). Your background is very delicate and lets the shell loops pop up of the page. Great.!


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