Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zendala Dare 68

The theme for this Zendala Dare is "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", which = black and white in my land of Zendala.  I love the look of white ink on black paper.  I have experimented with many brands of white ink and white gel pens, but I don't like the way the pen lays down the white ink and the thickness of the white lines. 

My "perfect white pen" would be as perfect as the Sakura Micron Black Pigment Pens (#01) (that I love to use), preferably a fine nib, #01 or #02. 

Even though I struggled with the white ink on this tile, I really did enjoy the mandala template.  And, yes, I was able to enjoy the moment while tangling the black on white.  Another great challenge, Erin.

Zendala Dare 68
If you have had a good experience with a pen that delivers an opaque line of fine/narrow white ink, (other than a dip-pen), I'd love to hear from you. 
Happy tangling...
... and thank you for visiting.


  1. Well done. a balance between white and black.

  2. Heavy metal zendala! I love it!! And love the oblique colour split.
    Oh how I understand what you mean about the white pens. I got a dip pen with a white ink bottle recently and still don't know how to use the dip pen properly (but am learning).
    White on black looks unreal and I, too, wish I could get white in the same thinness as the Pigma Microns (and also as thin as Copic Multiliners).
    I love the Jekyll & Hyde caricature - did you draw it?

    1. Thank you! Someone will come up with the ideal white pen.....someday.
      The Jekyll & Hyde caricature can be found on Google ClipArt.
      Thanks for commenting, Zoe.

  3. Beautiful zendala with great black-white effect!

  4. Like the division and the white on black. I think most people would echo your comments about white pens. Even if can achieve a thinner line, the flow of the ink is not as smooth as with the Micron.

  5. Lovely work. The oblique division is very effective.

  6. Very showy zendala! Get great pleasureconsidering the job - thank you!

  7. Your Zendala is incredibly WONDERFUL! Love your work.

    Be creative and catch some happy!

    Jacque Solomon


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